Tsumi Yo



The world in which Tsumi Yo takes place is called Sedmorica.

It is basically an island continent with various smaller isles surrounding it.

The north and central areas are wide plains and easily inhabitable grasslands. Those regions are mainly home to the races of the great Union.

The eastern and southern regions consist of huge mountain ranges. Due to the high altitude and risky living conditions only few races made this these deadly areas their home. One of them is the berserker clan.

In the northwest lies a vast dessert. Supposedly in early ages this was a huge forest with many cultural treasures but today only sand remains. Due to their bad reputation the nomadic succubus tribes claimed it to be theirs.

Beyond the southern mountain ranges a huge wasteland extend to the ends of the known world. Nothing living is known to exist there.

The isles surrounding Sedmorica are seldom set foot on. Rumors have it, though, that some of the most ancient buildings lie there hidden.