Tsumi Yo


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The races of Tsumi Yo revolve around the Seven Deadly Sins. Each race represent one of them.



A wild folk. They are mostly aggressive, large and strong and can transform full or partly into giant werewolf-like monsters. The live outside the graslands in wooden mountain forts as clans and hunt and occaionally plunder villages in the outer regions. The strongest berserker is the leader. Not very fond of the union. Archenemies with succubi tribes. They hunt, kill, capture or even rape them.



Bat-winged, female-only folk with horns and black eyes that lives in tribes around the desert and hunts for men to mate. Depending on the race of the male part the characteristics of the succubus child vary, but most are human-bred. Most have minor hypnotic magic abilities to manipulate their pray. They fear and hate the union and the berserker clans alike. Older succubi either leave the tribe to die or become part of their elders, who the current leader must follow.



Creators and leaders of the Union. Basically feather-winged humans with magic powers. They‘ re ambitious and controlling, but generally look down on all other races.



Larger and stronger creatures. Mostly known for their bad hygiene and shady businesses. They are rarely seen outside the slums of the capital, where they run black markets and slave trades with richer folks. Wild orks hunt and plunder outside the capital.



Humans are the most common races in Sedmorica. They have no special abilities, but come in large numbers. Most country villages are inhabited by humans. Most humans have simple professions like farmers, smiths or merchants. Wealthier people moved to the capital. The richest humans are kings and landlords and don‘t care much for anything beside their own wealth.



The oldest races in Sedmorica. Only a handfull are known to be alive. They maintained their immortality but lost interest in the events of the world. The few known elders are either in political or historical positions. The are large and thin, mostly only clothed in simple robes. They are mostly blind old men with long beareds. But their knowledge counts to be the oldest in all Sedmorica, if they would share it.



Not really a race, more like a curse where dead raise again. Seldom intelligent. Ghosts and the reaper himself count to the undead, as well.