Tsumi Yo


This page covers various historical information about the world of Tsumi Yo.


The main story of Tsumi Yo takes place in the 4th era of Sedmorica. The 1st to 3rd eras are vastly forgotten and are only mentioned in ancient texts and lores. One of these texts is called The prophecy which covers the most relevant events throughout the history of Sedmorica.

The Prophecy

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The best preserved piece of historical text. Kept safe in the great library in the capital. Is said to contain the events of the past and a glimpse into the future.


This part covers the different eras of Tsumi Yo.

Age of Gods

over 1000 years ago

The world is ruled by 7 gods who work together in harmony. Each god has one group of followers.

Age of the Demon

1000 - 500 years ago

One god poisons the others and takes control over the world becoming the Demon King. With just one god the races grow corrupted and start to wage war against each other. The Demon King creates himself a Demon Queen.

Age of Solitude

500 - 100 years ago

The Demon Queen grows sad about the state of the world. Knowing that she is no match for the king she comes up with a plan to shatter their souls so that peace can be restored. The soul pieces rain down upon the earth. The war between the races lightens but does not fully subside. Many races search solitude.

Age of the Union

100 years ago until present

The Angels take it upon themselves to restore peace and form the great Union with some of the other, lesser aggressive races.


This section covers special, recurring events in the world of Tsumi Yo. Some races are affected in different ways by these events.

Blood Moon

Once every 12 year the constellation of the moon and sun result in a blood red moon shining. This event causes many berserkers to loose control and turn into an unstoppable rage.

Black Sun

An event where the Moon covers the sun turning night into day. Succubus magic is amplified during this time while Angelic or Holy magic becomes extremely weak.

The Halos

Events where the either the sun or the moon is partly covered by other celestial bodies causing their light to shine upon the earth in just a circle. There are various places throughout Sedmorica where these lights are received in temples or shrines. Generally boosts magic.

The void

Said to be an event where no light shines. All magic becomes ineffective. Apparently happened various times throughout history and is generally linked with terrible events or catastrophes. Undead creatures become more active.