Tsumi Yo


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Main cast of Tsumi Yo.


Race: Berserker

The male main character. He is large and rather slim for a berserker, but still quite muscular. After being raised in a Human village which was destroyed, he was taken in by Zaden, but left his clan and became a hermit as he didn’t like the way of life fighting as a berserker. He later saves Nea and starts living together with her. He often appears apathetic, but is a kind a caring person. Beside a gray strand he has black hair. He doesn’t transform as result of a past trauma.


Race: Succubus

A un-succubus-like girl without wings and many scars. She is saved by Qaji after fleeing from her tribe. She has long, pink hair and can be very cheerful and cheeky once she gets to know someone. Towards strangers she is very timid and afraid.


Race: Berserker

A large, strong and friendly Berskerer. He is one of Qajis friends who keeps him updated about what happens in the World. He also trained Qaji as a boy, since he is slightly older than him. Knows that Qaji bears a gruesome fate and wants to help him.


Race: Berserker

Childhood friend of Qaji. She’s secretly in love with Qaji, but knows that he doesn’t like her. She has blue hair and is larger and slim and also one of the fastest berserkers. When she transforms, she goes literally crazy until someone (mostly Devi) stops her.


Race: Succubus

A succubus woman. Large, curvy and seductive. Mostly wearing black and revealing skin-tight cloth. She is very arrogant and proud of her ancestry as one of the oldest succubi in the tribe. She has no consciousness and treats Nea like a slave after she was placed in her care. She has a lot of followers.


Race: Angel

The leader of the Angels and the Union. He is a slender, old man with long white-gray hair. He is cold and predicting but hides his true intentions behind a fake smile. He is searching for Nea, as she is part of his great plan to become an all-powerful being.


Race: Berserker

Leader of the Berserker Clan. Large and very muscular. Also known as the “black beast” because he has dark hair and turns completely black when transforming. He took Qaji in but let him go when he went of to become a hermit. Has a very strong and dark aura and an evil smile.


Race: Succubus

Leader of the Succubus Tribe. She has red hair and is the only known berserker-breed, making her very large, muscular and strong. Unlike most succubi, who fight only with their claws, she wields a huge scimitar, which she inherited from her father. She is usually very kind and friendly, but loves fighting. She is bothered by political stuff and has to place Nea in Yazus care knowing that she would treat her bad as a result of the Elders decision.